3d Printing

Over a year ago, I purchased a Printrbot+ Laser Cut. This was a kit that was a fun build. I had just gotten it calibrated and was starting to print interesting things like a whistle or a puzzle.  Life got in the way and I had to box up most of my toys like this.  Life has straightened out and I’m back to my hobbies.  I’m back to the printing the above on this and I’ve also gotten interested in arduino’s/mcu’s.  I’m thinking this will be a great way to fabricate custom enclosures for projects.

More to follow….hopefully at a quicker pace than I’ve been doing on the blog.


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Field Day 2012

Field Day 2012 found me at home this year, so I ran a 1E station off of deep cycle batteries, about a total of 4 sporadic hours of search and pounce CW operations netted me about 60 contacts and a section map that looked like this.

My CW skills are lacking somewhat, I used FLDigi to fill in the copy where I failed.  Once I had the fill, I could copy the CW. It is amazing how that works, by the end of the operating I was getting better at the copy.  The station was IC-7200, LDG AT100 and a G5RV up about 30 feet.  I went to the SVRC Field Day dinner and tried some Phone operations, I have to say that CW is much easier on the ears to operate.


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Dead FT-857d

Well I went to power my FT-857d on tonight, quick flash of the display and nothing. Time to troubleshoot.
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From my phone

Just a quick test to see how hard it is to blog from my phone.

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Hello world!

The adventures, travails and musings of KA9KQH will take place here!

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