Dead FT-857d

Well I went to power my FT-857d on tonight, quick flash of the display and nothing. Time to troubleshoot.

No blown fuses, good voltage on the power supply. After removing the covers and examining for any ooze or signs of magic smoke and I discover a small relay that has oozed something and doesn’t look like the other bunchof relays of the same manufacture. An OMRON G5V-1 12V relay. I’ve looked at the technical manual and have the Vertex Part Number. It doesn’t look to difficult to take the board out of the radio to replace this part. The hardest part looks to be desoldering the center-pins of the 2 SO-239 connectors.

Mouser lists this particular relay at $1.52 for quantites less than 10 but says they are on order. I’ll see if I can track down the URL or phone number to order the part from Yaesu/Vertex Look for updates and I’ll probably include a photo or two of the process.

Update Feb 5, 2010

Well I was wrong the hardest part was not the two SO-239 connectors, it was figuring out the 20 screws to pull so I could lift the circuit board. I’ve ran out of time for this workbench session, so I’ll get to the remove and replace of the suspected faulty relay hopefully sometime this weekend.

It was recently pointed out to me the easiest way to remove a faulty compenent is to crush it/cut it out then remove the pins from the board individually.

Update 3 Mar 2010

Well my meager troubleshooting & repair skills seem inadequate. For my purposes I’m pronouncing the FT-857d really most sincerely dead. This doesn’t mean that it won’t see a professional surgeon at some point in the future because I really liked this nice small rig.

Update 9 Apr 2011

After almost a year without this radio, I finally contacted regarding a repair. I must say that they were prompt and I thought reasonably priced. The radio is once again in service in one of my Shack-In-A-Box configurations.

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