…or How to Help People get Licensed, or Upgrade an Existing License.

I was introduced to amateur radio by a friend and his uncle while I was still in high school. The local radio club did classes over several weeks ending with my novice test, circa 1980-81. Once my license showed up one of the instructors elmered, the ham radio term for mentoring, me through my first contacts.

Fast forward to late 2023. My local club, SVRC.ORG, is almost completed with another session of Technician & General level classes that will end in an exam session ran by Volunteer Examiners. Then starts the challenge of getting the new hams on the air, and helping the newly upgraded general licensees on the HF bands.

If your club is fortunate enough to have a clubhouse or club station, consider volunteering:
to run some “open hours” for operating time, to answer less experienced peoples questions, or to provide help with peoples new equipment.

If your club doesn’t have a permanent location, consider picking an afternoon at a park pavillion for a mini-field day exercise and do some portable operations. This is especially helpful to the people who were bitten by the radio bug after establishing residence in an HOA controlled community.

Active amateur radio operators get more joy out of the hobby/service. Share the joy and help others grow.

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