This evening while ensuring the logging software talked to the digital software in preparation for Winter Field Day, I ran across a young man calling CQ. Someone else got to him first and as I listened to the conversation I was amazed that this 7th grade boy from the St. Louis area had his interest in radio sparked by the tv series “Stranger Things”. When he wrapped up his conversation with a gentleman near Columbus Ohio I gave him a call. We were only about 100 miles apart and the path was good. He was operating in a portable fashion as he isn’t allowed permanent antennas at home. Running one of the Xiegu radios into an inverted vee dipole that he made himself. I pointed out to him that he has found a life long hobby as I was licensed as a Junior in High School in the early 80’s. He carried on a good conversation and asked questions as well as answered them. I hope to talk to him (Jackson) again.

By ka9kqh

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