Prior to a club meeting….

a person called out on the radio asking for assistance in programming a radio. They said the software Chirp-next in this instance was reporting that “the radio is not responding”. A couple of people told the person with the problem that they would bring there computer and assist him at the club meeting. I’m not sure if they resolved the problem or not.

A few weeks later….

I’m preparing for a public service event and need to program some radios that have to be connected to a computer as they have no way to program them otherwise. This are some uhf simplex loaner radios that have 16 channels and a volume control. I start receiving the same message. Something told me to plug the cable into a different usb port on the hub, success! it works. Connect the next radio and the same ugly message box…”not responding”….In a fit of madness I moved the programming cable back to the other USB Port, changed the comport setting to the correct number and success it worked again for a few read right iterations.

The radios in question….

were 2 Baofeng BF-888’s and 1 Baofeng BF8HP. I won’t get into a discussion about these radios. They tend to work good enough, and for something I’m loaning to a person that forgot a radio or failed to get their radio properly programmed, they do the job.

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